Survival and Essential English for Traveling and Holidays

Learn phrases and vocabulary that will help you during Traveling. Practice Speaking and Listening.

Learn Survival English before you go on holiday!

What you’ll learn

  • Students will develop English conversation skills.
  • Students will learn key vocabulary related to travelling in an English-speaking country.
  • Students will learn How to have conversations with native speakers and understand them better..
  • Students will learn Useful English vocabulary for travel and everyday life..
  • Students will improve their English grammar knowledge.
  • Students will develop English vocabulary knowledge.
  • Understand the English used in a range of everyday situations in Traveling..

Course Content

  • Survival and Essential English for Traveling and Holidays –> 16 lectures • 51min.

Survival and Essential English for Traveling and Holidays


Learn Survival English before you go on holiday!

Are you planning to go on holiday or travel to an English speaking country? Are you nervous about speaking to people and making yourself understood? Don’t be! The team at English University is here to help. We’ve designed this course, Survival English for Travel and Holidays, specifically for people like you. You will learn key words and phrases that will make your trip smooth. We’ll also test you through quizzes and homework. Once you’ve finished the course, you should be able to communicate with people with confidence, and hopefully make some friends before you return!


Why is this course different than others?

The team at English University has decades of experience teaching English all over the world. We have combined our accumulated wisdom to develop an innovative language learning strategy. We are confident you will love it once you try it out!



So you’ve booked your holiday, and now you’re dreaming of all the things you’re going to do. English For Travel will teach you everything you need for your holiday abroad. Maybe you’ll be relaxing on the beach, hiking in the countryside, or perhaps sightseeing in the city. What you’ll definitely be doing is taking transport, checking in to your hotel, ordering food and drink, and meeting new people. In this course, you’ll learn typical words and phrases used by people in these situations, with example conversations, listening exercises, memory exercises, and much more. So get ready for your trip abroad with the English For Travel language course.



By the end of this English For Travel course, you will be able to understand native speakers from airport workers to hotel staff, and from waiters to random strangers. There are tons of useful vocabulary, slang words and phrases, expressions, and phrasal verbs packed into this course that you will soon be speaking much more like native English speakers do.

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