LIFE CRAFTING: The System to Make a Masterpiece of Your Life

Learn the time-tested system for achieving life success by design, vs. random success by accident, trial, and error.

What Is Life Crafting?

What you’ll learn

  • 1. You will learn the 5 SIMPLE categories that organize everything you have already learned and will learn for the rest of your life..
  • 2. You will understand practicing Life-as-a-Craft is a POWERFUL alternative to living life by trial and error..
  • 3. You will learn to achieve SUCCESS BY DESIGN instead of wishing for success by accident..
  • 4. You will know EXACTLY how to make a MASTERPIECE of your life, as the end goal of your personal development and personal transformation journey..
  • 5. You will learn how to systematically practice LIFE CRAFTING the same way we learn and practice any trade, occupation, or profession..
  • 6. You will become the LIFE COACH and MASTER CRAFTSPERSON of your unique LIFE MASTERPIECE..

Course Content

  • Introduction to LIFE CRAFTING: The Complete Course Overview –> 1 lecture • 13min.
  • LIFE CRAFTING: Making a Masterpiece of Your Life –> 1 lecture • 12min.
  • THE FIVE ELEMENTS: Your Life Curriculum –> 5 lectures • 1hr 8min.
  • THE FOUR PHASES: Your Life Journey –> 5 lectures • 1hr 7min.
  • THE WAY OF CRAFTSMANSHIP: How You Do Your Work –> 1 lecture • 20min.

LIFE CRAFTING: The System to Make a Masterpiece of Your Life


What Is Life Crafting?

Life Crafting means skillfully shaping 5 key areas of your life incrementally over your lifetime, in line with a vision of what your life can be by knowing what you are going to do, then learning and practicing your skills using a clear recipe vs. living by random trial, and error. This is Making a Masterpiece of Your Life. This is Life-as-a-Craft.



‘Life-as-a-Craft’ is a framework based on the practices found in master workshops across the world, applied to practicing ‘life’ as a defined ‘craft’ the way that someone learns and practices textile weaving, woodworking, or any other trade, occupation, and profession; (i.e.) the crafts.


  • Commit to learning the materials and activities of the craft.
  • Observe skilled practitioners (journeymen and masters) at work.
  • Practice all processes and use all tools with skill.
  • Incrementally improve your performance every day.

You will learn how to systematically practice ‘life crafting’ the time-tested way we learn and practice any trade, occupation, or profession.


Managing Your Life Curriculum: The Five Elements

What you decide to learn and practice throughout your lifetime is your ‘life curriculum’. Much of it was learned from your family heritage. Much will be added as a result of your personal heritage experience and choices.

Life-as-a-Craft contains five categories or ‘elements’ for organizing the content you have already learned or will learn across your lifetime including everything you have and will learn here on Udemy.


  1. Family & Personal Heritage – What we learn from the heritage and cultures we come from, how they shape us, and the legacy we leave to the next generation.
  1. Family & Household Management – The knowledge we apply to manage the people, guidelines, and environment we live in. Running a successful household is like running a successful workshop.
  2. Family & Personal Finance – The methods we learn to produce income and manage money to operate our household. How we integrate our personal financial style with our partner’s style can make or break a household.
  3. The Human Being – What we have learned and believe about the structure and functioning of our inner-self and outer-self: our mind, our body, our spirit, and our emotions.
  4. Tools for Living – The devices we use to shape ourselves and others. The technologies, systems, and frameworks we use to craft our lives.

You will learn to organize the life content you have already learned, and new content that will you learn into these five master categories, the same way schools and workshops organize subjects into master categories for easier learning.


Managing Your Life Journey: The Four Phases

Every trade and occupation has an initial period in which the curriculum of the craft is learned, followed by the time span in which the trade is practiced, skills are incrementally improved, and new knowledge is progressively acquired.

Following this time-tested structure, Life-as-a-Craft spans a period of approximately eighty (80) years in Four Phases as taught and practiced for centuries in trades and occupations across the world.


  1. Apprenticeship: Age 14–25 | The Learning Phase
  2. Journeywork: Age 25–45 | The Building Phase
  3. Masterwork: Age 45–65 | The Masterpiece Phase
  4. Mentorship: Age 65–85+ | The Legacy Phase

You will learn the main goal/focus of each life phase, to incrementally improve your practice of the craft of ‘life’ across each phase, and fashion a masterpiece of your life as a legacy to the next generation of your family, and the world.


How You Do Your Work: Performance Excellence

Life-as-a-Craft recognizes the ancient principle of ‘craftsmanship’ or ‘performance excellence’ as a guide to measure one’s proficiency, knowledge, and acquired skill in any subject you endeavor to learn in your lifetime. The result of practicing craftsmanship in everything you do will significantly improve the quality of your personal and professional life, the lives of your family and loved ones.

You will learn The Way of Craftsmanship: A way of thinking, doing, and living.


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