Video Editing with iMovie for Mac 2022 – Basic to Advance

Learn how to use iMovie for video editing. FREE resources provided. Practical Examples. Zero to Pro iMovie Mac course.

In this course, Video Editing with iMovie for Mac – Basic to Advance.

What you’ll learn

  • Basic to Advance Video Editing iMovie Guide.
  • Use iMovie to Edit and enhance movies before uploading them to Facebook or Youtube..
  • Use iMovie to create a movie that they can be proud to show their family and friends.
  • Be comfortable with all elements in iMovie.
  • Export movies in different file formats..
  • Improve audio quality with audio effects, background noise removal and more..
  • Colour correct your video to fix issues with white balance and more..
  • Edit an entire video from beginning to end, using professional and efficient techniques..
  • Apply visual effects such as stabilizing shaky video..
  • Basic editing, Adding music, Editing audio.
  • Everything iMovie has to offer.
  • How to tell a compelling story using footage in iMovie No prerequisites.
  • How to use all of iMovie’s tools and effects.

Course Content

  • Video Editing with iMovie for Mac – Basic to Advance –> 24 lectures • 1hr 43min.

Video Editing with iMovie for Mac 2022 - Basic to Advance


In this course, Video Editing with iMovie for Mac – Basic to Advance.

You are then because you want to learn videotape editing with iMovie, right?

This is the perfect place to start. This complete course is designed for newcomers who want to learn how to edit amazing vids with iMovie.

iMovie is the ideal operation for newcomers, it’s veritably stoner friendly so whether you want to produce an grand trip videotape, a birthday videotape, promote a product for work or indeed edit your own online course, also iMovie is the right way to do it.

While the word” videotape editing”might sound scary for numerous of you who have noway opened up a videotape editing operation ahead, but once you get started, it’s fairly intuitive. Everything from importing media to color grading, also actually exporting your vids can be learned in this course.

With this course, you do not need to actually have ready vids for editing. Once you have enrolled in this course a link will be given to you with all the practice vids that we are going to use during the course and further than that.

Why learn from me?

I have been editing vids for times. Just like you, there has been a time where I was a complete newbie to videotape editing! I had no idea how to edit vids. Yet moment, videotape editing is like alternate nature. Although I presently use a further professional editing software,’ ( Final Cut Pro X) for utmost of my work. I still remember what it’s like start out with iMovie, and I have kept that in mind while creating this entire course. I walk you through every process step-by- step to make sure you understand effects easily. And if there’s ever anything that’s confusing, just let me know and I will produce further assignments that explain or walk you through myself.


No matter what you intend to do with iMovie, I want to make sure you are suitable to do that. My thing is to be your companion along the way and get you editing in iMovie as soon as possible, that is why all the assignments in this course are short and straight to the point creating an easy literacy experience.

With our 30- day 100 plutocrat- reverse guarantee, there is no reason to vacillate. Enroll now, try it out, and see if you like the course!

I can not stay to help you edit your own vids with iMovie.

Enroll inside this course, Video Editing with iMovie for Mac – Basic to Advance.

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