Installation of Oracle E-Business Cloud Manager – 22.1.x

Installation and configuration of Oracle E-Business Cloud Manager on Oracle Cloud Infrastruture


What you’ll learn

  • Oracle E-Business DBA’s.
  • Oracle Cloud DBA’s.
  • Oracle DBA’s.
  • Oracle Consultants.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 7 lectures • 1hr 16min.

Installation of Oracle E-Business Cloud Manager - 22.1.x



This new tool is a web-based application that drives all the principal automation flows, including provisioning new environments, performing lifecycle activities on those environments, and restoring environments from on-premises. It supersedes the EBS Cloud Admin Tool, providing all the capabilities of the older tool as well as supporting new flows that were introduced in the latest release of the automation.

Oracle Cloud Manager was designed to simplify the diverse tasks Oracle E-Business Suite DBAs perform on a daily basis, and with the goal of reducing the effort needed to perform them.

The introduction of this web application also provides the foundation for building further automation capabilities, with the user experience being a fundamental consideration at all stages of this process from inception to delivery.



Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Manager offers the following benefits:

  • Secure, with a load balancer that works as a TLS termination point.
  • Deployed on a subnet that is not directly exposed to the end user’s network (internet or corporate intranet).
  • Multiuser, allowing multiple DBAs to manage the same set of Oracle E-Business Suite environments.
  • Fully integrated with Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) for authentication services.


The following features are included with Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Manager:

  • Simplified and advanced provisioning
  • Provision from backup
  • Infrastructure-optimized clone (Compute only)
  • Delete environment
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