Classic Gateau by World Pastry Champion

This course will cover the basic understanding the of the Classic cakes

Classic Gateau or Cakes  by APCA Malaysia- An International Pastry & Culinary School

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Classic cake by World Pastry Champion.
  • This program is from APCA Malaysia, one of the most famous Pastry & Culinary school in Asia Pacific.
  • All recipes can be produced at home very easily.
  • A complete course for Family , friends and home bakers.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 8 lectures • 3hr 10min.

Classic Gateau by World Pastry Champion


Classic Gateau or Cakes  by APCA Malaysia- An International Pastry & Culinary School

Understanding of Classic Gateau is very important as you have to stay with the basic taste and texture which make the product specific and famous for those speciality. In the course you will learn the Bases like different type of sponges , Puffs  and and Biscuits. All these Basis are made using different techniques. After that you will be learning different types of creams and filling, Flavouring and the final assembly of different components forming a cake.  From start to finish you will be able to understand these products with all those minute details and ideas which will help you to re create these products in your kitchen or home.

Each gateau have a  story and we have ensured that as much as possible to stay with the core value of the cake. You can still practise the cakes as they are and later on experiment in terms of shape, size, texture and flavour. Please note that any kind of change to be done have to be practised and the recipe or calculations may change

This program covers the most basic level of recipes covering different techniques.

This program will be a perfect base and help to master the skills of next level of cakes

You will be covering following 7 recipes in this program –

  • Black Berry Charlotte
  • Black Forest
  • Mille Feuille
  • Moka
  • Swiss Roll
  • Opera
  • Sacher
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