learning vi & vim

from beginner to master

In this course I will teach how to work with both vi and vim.

What you’ll learn

  • editing documents in vi & vim.
  • configuring vim to your tastes.
  • running external programs from vim.
  • installing plugins.
  • powerful meta editing tools.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 6 lectures • 2hr 50min.
  • independent topics –> 6 lectures • 1hr 18min.

learning vi & vim


In this course I will teach how to work with both vi and vim.

The course is aimed at teaching a thorough understanding of vim’s conceptual model,

rather than teaching just a list of isolated vim key mappings.

It also provides extensive coverage of the vim help function, to allow you to teach yourself.


Content wise, this course will cover basic editing to advanced meta editing functionality.

I will also cover topics such as

* mapping keybindings

* configuring vim

* installing plugins

* interacting with external programs / the shell


The first few lessons will get you up to speed quickly, later videos will discuss more advanced topics.

The first part of the course builds up your foundation.

The videos in the second part are independent topics that you can pick and choose, with the foundations as prerequisite knowledge.

This allows you to watch only the videos you are interested in (in part 2).

Apart from the foundations, later videos will be added incrementally.


Only basic computer skills are required for this course.

You have to be able to open a terminal and go to a directory and install packages yourself (if necessary).

Installation of vim is not currently covered in the course, but is trivial on most operating systems.



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