Professional Forex Robot: Trade a Scalping Forex Strategy

Get a Ready to Use Forex Robot for your Trading. Forex Scalping Strategy – Forex Algorithmic Trading – Forex Course

Are you looking for a profitable Forex strategy?

What you’ll learn

  • How to download, install and trade professionally with a Forex Robot.
  • What is the Strategy behind the Robot if you prefer manual trading.
  • How to trade automatically without programming skills.
  • Use comfortably the MetaTrader Platform (the best algo trading platform).
  • How Forex Indicators work (practice vs. theory).
  • Follow the results and export Trading reports.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 3 lectures • 6min.
  • Prepare for Trading –> 8 lectures • 30min.
  • The Strategy behind the Forex Robot –> 4 lectures • 26min.
  • The Program I used to Create the Strategy –> 3 lectures • 19min.
  • Algorithmic Trading with the Robot –> 3 lectures • 21min.

Professional Forex Robot: Trade a Scalping Forex Strategy


Are you looking for a profitable Forex strategy?

Then you’re in the right place because here you will learn a tested strategy with this Trading Course, and you will receive my Professional Forex Robot attached to the course FOR FREE! No programming is required!


Hello traders, my name is Petko Aleksandrov, and I’m pleased to welcome you to my Professional Forex Robot course. I have been trading on the Forex market for over ten years, and I have tested thousands of strategies. And in this course, I have something special.

I will share one of the best Forex Trading Robots I have been using. You can download it as a resource file and test it yourself. If you are not happy with the results, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee which you can use at any time within the 30-day period. No questions asked.


In addition, I will teach the strategy that the Professional Forex Robot follows so you can trade it manually too. Below are the features of the strategy:

  • This Scalping Forex Strategy uses three different time frames
  • It is designed for USDJPY, and it shouldn’t be changed to other assets
  • There are four entry rules to be confirmed before the trade is opened
  • The strategy uses Stop Loss and Take Profit to protect the capital
  • It is considered a scalping Forex strategy (entering and exiting the market quickly)


You won’t need coding experience as you will receive the code for the Robot. You will only need to extract it on your MetaTrader platform. I will demonstrate the whole process step-by-step.


And if you are a beginner, do not worry! I will help you with all the steps from the very beginning:

  • How to select a trusted and regulated broker (PDFs attached)
  • How to choose the trading platform
  • A step-by-step guide to installing the MetaTrader Platform
  • How to place the Robot on the platform
  • Test the Robot on a Virtual account (no risk of losing real money)

Best of all – by enrolling in the course, you will receive lifetime access to the class. I keep the Professional Forex Robot up to date with changing market conditions, and I will let you know whenever there is a change.


Who is the instructor for this Forex Robot course?

My name is Petko Aleksandrov, and I am a professional Trading mentor. If this is the first of my courses you are taking, I am sure you will find it valuable because I DO NOT teach theory. Trading is a practical job, and you need the right skills and tools.

I share my trading screen in my courses and show you exactly what I do. In addition, I share the strategies and the Robots with my students for two reasons:

1. When other people test the Trading Robots and give me feedback, I can improve my trading. The feedback is essential for my students as well as for me. We are a team!

2. Sharing my Forex strategies gives me a real sense of satisfaction, and it makes me happy to see great reviews from traders that found my system and courses beneficial.


I can’t wait to see you testing my Professional Forex Robot!

Enroll today, download it, and let me know how it goes!

I gave my best in this course to make you a better trader!

Petko A


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