Blender Special – Anime Character Style Course

Learn how to build an anime style character in blender


What you’ll learn

  • How to buil a Character Anime Style in Blender.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 37 lectures • 5hr 16min.

Blender Special - Anime Character Style Course


  • This course need previus knowledge on Blender.



This course is not for beginners in Blender. To take this course, you must have prior knowledge of the tool, you must be able to look at the screen and identify when i scale, rotate and the other basic things, i will show how i made the character of the oppening video as fast as i can. This course was divided into steps, so that future consultation is easier. The intent of this course is to help intermediate level students to reach their goal quickly. Consider it as a “dictionary” about modeling anime-style characters.

In this course, we will cover in the first steps the basic modeling of the character, the tips included in this phase, range from topology to the use of modifiers that will help you in the modeling. After that we will talk about Cel shading, and how to make the correct UV unwrap for this type of character. after this i will show how i made the assemble the Nodes to make a awesome cel shader.  Going to the end, we will make a Armature and a complete Rigging use only IK system. This system will allow you to put the character in a pose for your renders. Before the end, we will cover some details about compositing. I very much hope that the content of the course will help in your studies.