Introduction to SubD (Subdivision) Modeling with Rhino 7

Start learning subdivision modeling processes with a truly educative course


What you’ll learn

  • SubD modeling terms in Rhino 7.
  • Foundation of SubD modeling approach.
  • Base SubD modeling commands in Rhino 7.
  • Creating a pouff model with SubD processes in Rhino 7.

Course Content

  • Before You Begin –> 3 lectures • 3min.
  • Introduction to Subdivision (SubD) Modeling –> 4 lectures • 28min.
  • Modeling a Puff with SubD – Basic Mechanics of SubD –> 7 lectures • 53min.
  • Other Topics –> 1 lecture • 1min.

Introduction to SubD (Subdivision) Modeling with Rhino 7




In this course, you will learn the basic mechanics of SubD modeling in Rhino 7 by drawing a pouff. Knowledge you will gain in this course will create a good starting point for you to understand SubD processes in Rhino.


I’m an industrial designer who had the chance to experience being an instructor for design softwares and continued to enjoy sharing his knowledge since 2018. This course is my first in English and is a test bed for my upcoming courses in this language. So, please feel free to give feedback about my communication skills or about anything you want to share about the course.


I’m keeping all the lessons open to free access. You can purchase the course if you want to support me to make this course a more comprehensive SubD modeling content. If the course reaches to a certain amount of purchases (maybe around 100 students, maybe less) I will add at least 2 more projects and cover the remaining topics of SubD modeling in Rhino.


There is a basic quality that I want my courses to have. I aim to repsresent the logic of the working processes to the students and help you to reach a level of mastery where you can adapt the knowledge you have gained from my courses to different problems you will encounter in your career. After drawing the examples in the course with me, if you practice at least once to make a similar example by yourself, you will become a user who really understands the basics of SubD modeling in Rhino 7.


Have a nice day.

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