Introduction to Machine Learning for Beginners [Level 1]

Artificial Intelligence 101

If you’re a complete beginner to the world of Robotics, This course will teach you all the basic fundamentals you’ll need.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the principles of Machine Learning.
  • How is Deep Learning linked with Machine Learning.
  • Types of Learning.
  • Exploring Neural Network and Deep Learning.
  • Understanding Learning Theory.
  • Comprehending Real Life Examples of AI.
  • Linear Regression vs Logistic Regression.

Course Content

  • Introduction To Machine Learning –> 6 lectures • 56min.
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning –> 3 lectures • 25min.

Introduction to Machine Learning for Beginners [Level 1]


If you’re a complete beginner to the world of Robotics, This course will teach you all the basic fundamentals you’ll need.

Introduction to Machine Learning is a front row seat to help beginners unravel the curious mystery behind machine learning. You can use this course to gain knowledge of basic machine learning concepts in preparation for, or alongside, more advanced courses.

Machine Learning is the study of algorithms that improve their performance P at some task T with experience E. As Herbert Simon once said, “Learning is any process by which a system improves performance from experience.”

This course is designed by a Robotics Engineer with over 4 years of experience in creating complex algorithms using C and C++ whilst comprehending ML and Neural Networks.

It is structured in the following way:

  • Part 1: Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine learning has been essential to the success of many recent technologies, including autonomous vehicles, search engines, genomics, automated medical diagnosis, image recognition, and social network analysis, among many others.


  • Part 2: Neural Network and Deep learning:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all round us, remodelling the manner we live, work, and interact.

Farmers use artificial intelligence and deep learning to investigate their vegetation and climate conditions. Marketers use machine learning to find out more approximately the consumer’s buy choices and what advertisements are impactful for you.

The movie enterprise makes use of artificial intelligence and learning algorithms to create new scenes, cities, and unique effects, transforming the manner filmmaking is done.

Bankers use artificial neural networks and deep learning to find out what to anticipate from financial developments and investments.

Your social media community learns approximately what you need to see, and makes use of deep learning to feed you the varieties of content material you want and need in the form of ads. But what sincerely is that underlying era that makes all this possible?

Artificial neural networks and deep networks are part of artificial intelligence. But for maximum people, the ones phrases are simply buzzwords—they don’t sincerely apprehend what any of that sincerely method or the way it works.

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