Fundamentals of Animation

Animation Fundamentals is your first step into the world of animation

In this course you will learn the Fundamentals of Animation.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of Animation.
  • Learn core Animation concepts such as Appeal, Strong design,Staging a scene, Acting and pantomime.
  • Learn about Keys and breakdown.
  • Squash and stretch.
  • Learn about Thumbnails, Timing, spacing, and easing.
  • Learn about Arcs Primary and secondary action, Silhouette, Lines of action and reversals.
  • Anticipation, overshoot, and settle Opposing action Counterpose Leading action Breaking joints Overlap and follow-through.
  • Much more!.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 2min.
  • Animation Fundamentals –> 21 lectures • 1hr 52min.

Fundamentals of Animation


  • basic computer skills.

In this course you will learn the Fundamentals of Animation.

We’ll start off by covering the basics of Animation, going through all the different types of animation and learn the vocabulary to make sure we’re all on the same page.

After understanding the basics, we’ll dig deep into the Principles of Animation, established by old time Disney animators.

This course is great for aspiring animators. No previous animation experience needed.  After taking this course you’ll be able to implement what you’ve learned in any animation style you choose: 2D, 3D, and even stop motion.

Learn how to create a solid, strong, and dynamic poses using the classical drawing rules perfected by golden age artists. Discover how to plan a scene using thumbnails, to have more control over the scene and reduce production time. Find out how to take a pose or expression that is adequate, and push it further.

By the end of this course you’ll understand the core concepts of animation.

If you’re totally new to Motion Design, then these online animation foundation courses are just for you.

Animation has existed as a creative discipline for over 100 years. In that time, the principles, styles, techniques, and tools have gone through many evolutions and continue to do so. Because of this evolution, animation is now a constant visual in our everyday lives. We watch animated movies, control realistic movements in video games, use websites and apps with robust interactivity and motion. Really, animation exists wherever we are digitally.

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