Business Strategy Development: The Art of Differentiation

Learn 3 key business strategy tools. Improve your business innovation skills and drive profitable business development.

Are you interested in learning why some business strategies are better than others?

What you’ll learn

  • Find ways to stand out from your competitors by differentiating better than them.
  • Play to your strengths and confidently identify the areas that will grow your business.
  • Practice 3 strategic tools to strengthen your business strategy.
  • Avoid common mistakes & learn how top companies have successfully differentiated themselves.
  • Increase your value – shape a strategy to attract customers that truly value you.
  • Business Analysis: Fix potential disablers that could be hurting your business development.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Business Strategy & Differentiation –> 6 lectures • 17min.
  • Building Blocks for a Differentiating Business Strategy –> 4 lectures • 19min.
  • Top 4 Common Mistakes –> 5 lectures • 17min.
  • Tool #1 – Develop Your Differentiation Successfully –> 3 lectures • 8min.
  • Tool #2 – Identify Your Current and Potential Differentiators –> 3 lectures • 6min.
  • Tool #3 – Diagnose Potential Disablers Before They Cause Harm –> 3 lectures • 8min.
  • How to Use Differentiation to Build a Winning Business Strategy –> 5 lectures • 11min.
  • Conclusion –> 1 lecture • 1min.

Business Strategy Development: The Art of Differentiation


Are you interested in learning why some business strategies are better than others?

From Apple to Netflix, leading businesses and start-ups have all made their mark with a strategy that sets them apart

This course is all about learning how leading companies create successful strategies for growth – and then learning the tools and techniques to develop your own brilliant and profitable business strategies

Developing a strategy that can grow a business is an essential skill for any budding entrepreneur – whether as CEO, marketing professional, manager or consultant

Easy-to-Follow Guide

This is your guide to learning business strategy in just a few minutes – with eye-opening yet pragmatic tools that can be put to work on Monday morning

With this course you’ll get a clear understanding of what makes a winning business strategy, and learn the methods to help you attract devoted customers, but also, do so without having to compete on price all the time

Master The Art of Differentiation

This course teaches you the tools, tips and techniques to help you identify and increase your differentiation so you can successfully stand out and grow your company

It’s a valuable skill to learn and in this course you’ll soon have it mastered.

Strategic Mentor

Tony Prouse is an enthusiastic and well-respected strategic mentor with over 30 years of hard-earned wisdom. Tony has worked closely with leading institutions such as the Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University and helped develop successful strategies for a wide range of organisations and startups all around the world.

Learn Quickly

This is a fun and practical course with plenty of examples which will show you the techniques to take any team, business model, idea, product or service to the next level.

Ready? So, Where Do We Begin?

It starts by identifying what your current competences are – and which ones will enable you to capture greater business. But it’s not just a case of knowing your strengths and weaknesses – Tony will show you how some competences are more important than others!

Create Value for Your Customers and Business

It’s also about understanding how we can create value for our customers – and who those customers should be.

And it’s the reason industry leaders have achieved excellent business development.

In addition, Tony will explain the common mistakes, having worked with many businesses around the world for over 30 years – so you can learn from these too.


Enrol now to learn how to:

  • Define a successful business strategy
  • Assess how well a business is currently differentiating itself 
  • Identify areas where you can improve your differentiation and innovation
  • Increase your value and move away from competing purely on price or basic feature
  • Attract the right customers with a winning business strategy
  • Identify your core competences – which are often very different to what you currently believe!
  • Avoid the common pitfalls of differentiation, business strategy and business development
  • Grow a business in a long-lasting and fun way
  • Identify potential disablers to your differentiation – and know which ones could be hurting you
  • Create value for your target customers for a brighter future 

This course also includes:

  • 3 Downloadable Tools for Business Strategy to help you assess and build your differentiation and business strategy
  • Activities + Quizzes to put your knowledge into action immediately

Gain the skills and tools to ultimately improve your differentiation and develop your own successful business strategy – and most importantly, know where to start.

This course is an exciting journey of business strategy discovery for those with the desire to grow.

Let’s get started!

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